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PostSubject: RULES WHEN PARTICIPATE IN THE COMMUNITY   Wed Dec 24, 2008 9:11 pm

Rules and Agreements to participate on WarezFreak Community

1. Never repeat your post, we don't always answer but we always read them and post in English in all instances on this board unless the staff permits it in unique circumstances.

2. Before requesting something use the search feature of the forum to see if someone else have already asked for!

3. Don't reply your own post to bump it up in the list.

4. Never request by private message or email, this makes no sense.

5. Don't advertise your own website by posting the link, this will not be tolerated. No advertising of any form is allowed.

6. You are not allowed to advertise your site (Not affiliated with WarezFreak Community) in your signature by text link or picture link. This is why there is the "WWW" button. This rule affects especially same content resources and religious beliefs.

7. Don't post top lists voting links or links that a user will profit from in any form or manner, doing this you will get banned.

8. Don't kid with inexperienced users.

9. Try to be polite when asking something.

10. Users posting a link, should use the Mod code, to code the links and the Mod hide to hide too.

11. If you have problems with some other user contact someone of the staff in private.

12. Hacking e-mail accounts, web space accounts, viruses and everything that has to do with private permissions manipulating is not allowed. User may get banned. NOTE:(We do however allow key loggers. The reason we do is because parents need these tools sometimes for personal reasons and most programs that monitor there children's actions have some sort of key logger embedded in it. However we only allow commercial key loggers as they don't have hidden root kits like a user could make and post. These programs are picked up by every anti virus for the most part so we deemed them as usable and OK to distribute among users.)

13. One user must own only one profile here at WarezFreak Community. Owning more than one profile is strongly prohibited and user with more than one profile will be banned and he will not be anymore able to access these forums from any of his user names. If for any reason you want to change your user name, contact any from the staff and we will change it.

14.The Administration reserves the rights to reassign names and free up user names already used by inactive low post users.

15. Porn, nudity, racism, childish nudity, offensive posts, terrorism, crime related posts, religion, etc! Are not tolerated, user will be banned on first sight, be sure!

16. User Profiles:
Avatars & Signatures total amount of image size combined must not exceed 175kb and may not contain IP monitoring resources.
We also would prefer for the user to keep the avatar size less than 140px wide and 200px long and the signature to be 504px wide x 169px long or less (This means one main image per avatar and signature not exceeding the specified sizes).
We will remove avatars and signatures at our discretion.

17. Members should not instruct other members on rules, including hide and code or double post. Also don't reply to spam topics, doing so your post will be considered as spam itself. Be careful please.

18. We do not allow posts that will blatantly give the poster any monetary gains.

19. Postwhore's are not tolerated and posts will be deleted and accounts. Definition: A message board user who regularly posts comments usually seen as useless, like "me too" or "thanks"; the purpose being to accumulate large numbers of posts in a short amount of time, either for bragging rights or to take advantage of certain board features that reward high post counts. Use the thanks button unless you have something that contributes to the topic.

20. Photos are not to be hotlinked from sites
• "Hotlinking" is direct linking to a web site's files (images, video, etc.).
• An example would be using an [img] tag to display a JPEG image you found on someone else's web page so it will appear on Asta.
• The url upload feature was included specifically for this..
• You can then just copy/paste the new link into your post.

In case of violation of the rules above, your post may be deleted or you will be banned from WarezFreak Community.

Also, we reserve the right to delete any post, deactivate/delete any user account if we think that is the right thing to do.

Other additional rules may affect some sections, in such case, they will mentioned.
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