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 All-in-One SECRETMAKER --All in 1 spam fighter

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PostSubject: All-in-One SECRETMAKER --All in 1 spam fighter   Wed Dec 24, 2008 10:58 pm

All-in-One SECRETMAKER is for Everyone

All-in-One SECRETMAKER is designed for everyone who wants to avoid the unpleasant experiences of using a PC, protect their privacy and use the Internet efficiently for private or business use.
All-in-One SECRETMAKER combines 7 powerful tools including a Spam Fighter, Pop-Up Killer, Cookie Eraser, History Cleaner, Privacy Protector, Banner Blocker and Worm Hunter.

The All-in-One SECRETMAKER Pop-Up Killer blocks unwanted Pop-Up windows. Banner Blocker reduces advertising banners.

The Spam Fighter and Worm Hunter technology in All-in-One SECRETMAKER protects you from Spam and prevents the spread of email viruses.

The Cookie Eraser and Privacy Protector in All-in-One SECRETMAKER will protect your external privacy, while you surf the Internet efficiently.

The History Cleaners delete all unnecessary files and protect your personal privacy. Additionally, respectable disk space is freed up and your computer’s speed can be increased.

All-in-One SECRETMAKER is optimized to meet the needs of most Windows users.
All-in-One SECRETMAKER uses “zero configuration technology,” which means you do not have to change any settings to enjoy using All-in-One SECRETMAKER.

All-in-One SECRETMAKER is easy to understand and does exactly what you expect, quickly and smoothly. With All-in-One SECRETMAKER your privacy is protected, your personal information is secure and surfing is fast and enjoyable.

All-in-One SECRETMAKER is freeware, without advertising or registration requirements.

Without All-in-One SECRETMAKER your e-mail account is vulnerable to spam. You’re disturbed by annoying pop-up windows and banner ads. Your privacy is constantly violated by cookies, tracking techniques, browsers history and computer logs.

Can you really live without it? Don’t stress your nerves, use All-in-One SECRETMAKER.All-in-One SECRETMAKER --All in 1 anti virus

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All-in-One SECRETMAKER --All in 1 spam fighter
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